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BullShooter World Tour Challenge of Champions and Partners Promoting Darts (PPD) are teaming up to give some lucky players a shot at the Pearl Vodka Tournament of Champions (TOC) $400,000 finale!* The two men and two women PPD players that finish highest in the Women's A/AA Combo Luck or the Men's Pro/Pro AA Singles at the BullShooter 28 Finals will receive a "Qualifying Voucher" for the October 19-23, 2013 Pearl Vodka Tournament of Champions.  This Qualifying Voucher allows the player one entry into 1 of 16 Qualifying Tournaments, with a guaranteed $3,550 and a Last Place payout of $100! The top eight finalists from these events will win cash and a position in the $200,000, 128 team TOC finale. For more information, please visit this page. NEW WORLD TOUR STARTING IN SEPTEMBER Two players at every BullShooter 29 Regional will have the opportunity to receive a Qualifying Voucher for the TOC by finishing highest in Women's or Men's Pro Singles.*  These players, in the PPD tournament system, have an unprecedented opportunity to get their shot at both the $400,000 Pearl Vodka Tournament and the $300,000 BullShooter Tour! If you aren't involved in Pearl Vodka Tournament of Champions this year, ask your vendor how you can participate next year. We are honored that the PPD and Pearl Vodka TOC shared this opportunity for Arachnid to co-sponsor this positive new event. * Players must be from a PPD sponsoring vendor and meet all PPD skill requirements.
Stacking the scores is almost as good as stacking the deck. Except in the game of Cricket its WAY more FUN! Now you and a buddy can play as a team with stacked scores in Remote Play.
Don't get left in the cold. Play as a team in Remote Play... with the FREEZE RULE enforced! 301 OI/OO, 501 OI/OO, & 501 DI/DO. Two against two sounds like pretty fair odds if you ask me. But no one's asking me so get out there and team it up!   FROZEN: A player is FROZEN when his or her partner's score is higher than the combined score of their opponents. The player may still throw to get his or her points lower but cannot go out without losing the game because of his or her partner's high score. The following will result in a loss: When a player reaches 0 but his or her partner's score is not equal to or lower than their opponents combined score. Remember you can go out on a tie.
501 Double In/Double Out is NOW available in Remote Play! That's right, you can challenge anyone in the world from your favorite home bar to a game of 501 Double In/Double Out. Play for fun or to practice for the next BullShooter World Challenge of ChampionsRemember the real challenge is playing it like the pros, no bullseye  in and no bullseye out. Good Luck and Enjoy!
Ranked Play is a new feature of the Galaxy 3 Live dartboard which gives you the opportunity to earn your rank among the best dart players from around the world.

By registering your HotButton and creating your Ranked Player Profile, you can track your stats during games, and they will be used to calculate your placement among all other Ranked Players. Not only is this a fun challenge of skill, it also gives the top ranked player statistical proof that they are indeed the best in the world! To use Ranked Play, you must first acquire a HotButton. If you do not have a HotButton, please contact your local operator for details on how to obtain one. Secondly, go to a Galaxy 3 Live Dartboard and create a Ranked Player Profile. To do this, simply apply your HotButton to the reader on the machine, and follow the on-screen instructions to create a profile. After you have successfully registered your HotButton and created your Ranked Player Profile, you can begin earning your rank by applying your HotButton to the reader at the start of your turn in a game. When the Ranked Player Icon and your Profile name appear on the screen, you are ready for global competition! For more details on how to properly register for Ranked Play, please view these instructions.