Ranked Play on the Galaxy 3 Live

July 19, 2012

Ranked Play is a feature of the Galaxy 3 Live dartboard which gives you the opportunity to earn your rank among the best dart players from around the world.

By registering your HotButton and creating your Ranked Player Profile, you can track your stats during games, and they will be used to calculate your placement among all other Ranked Players. Not only is this a fun challenge of skill, it also gives the top ranked player statistical proof that they are indeed the best in the world!

To use Ranked Play, you must first acquire a HotButton. If you do not have a HotButton, please contact your local operator for details on how to obtain one. Secondly, go to a Galaxy 3 Live Dartboard and create a Ranked Player Profile. To do this, simply apply your HotButton to the reader on the machine, and follow the on-screen instructions to create a profile. After you have successfully registered your HotButton and created your Ranked Player Profile, you can begin earning your rank by applying your HotButton to the reader at the start of your turn in a game. When the Ranked Player Icon and your Profile name appear on the screen, you are ready for global competition!

For more details on how to properly register for Ranked Play, please view these instructions.